My Name is Benedict Letaare. My name is Benedict Letaare. I am twelve years old and I am a student at Sere-Olipi Primary School. Over the past five years, we were sad because of the dirty shelters, food, clothes and toilets. Classes where very stinky because of lack of water in school and in the … Continue reading WATER IS LIFE

The Samburu People

Hope for Conservation. *Conservation is impossible without the Samburu. *They provide the eyes and ears on the land to keep it safe from poachers. *Their ephemeral wells are a magnet for wildlife in a very arid landscape , and to some extent, even their grazing helps stimulate new growth and life. *Their way of life … Continue reading The Samburu People

When best to visit Laikipia

Thanks for joining me! Although Laikipia is an excellent Kenyan safari destination throughout the year, the following information will help you decide what time of year may suit your personal desires for your wilderness travel.🚙 You should note that like other locations in Kenya, Laikipia experiences two dry seasons and two rainy seasons that greatly … Continue reading When best to visit Laikipia